Blossoms of the Savannah Notes, Excerpts and Questions

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Blossoms of the Savannah Notes, Excerpts and Questions

1. Read the extract below and answer the questions that follow.
“No Joseph,” she said in an infantile whimper. “Ican’t bear that we can’t express
the love that we have for one another because of some primitive culture. If by
loving you, I offend the sensibilities of Nasila then let me offend and face the
consequences of doing so!”
“I also love you very much,” Joseph Parmuat responded finally. “I loved you the
moment I saw you during your father’s homecoming ceremony. But then the clan
matter came to separate us. It is true we have no blood relation. But Nasila culture


The Blossoms of the Savannah Notes, Excerpts and Questions

Sample excerpt 3
1. Before the excerpt, Taiyo and Resian go to the River to fetch water. They
remember their discussion with their aunt and admire Minik’s fight against women
oppression by men. They muse that men must be very angry with her for snatching
five hundred girls from her. After the excerpt, Taiyo sings the song she has
composed about three women whom she refers as mice silently in her heart. One of
those women is the
enkamuratani chasing a woman with a knife.
2. Flashback- Resian recalls fifteen years back when she and Taiyo accompanied
their father to the Nakuru agricultural show and she saw sheep the first time.
Vivid description-The sheep are vividly described as big, docile tawny wooly



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