KCSE Secondary Oral Skills Notes

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KCSE Secondary Oral Skills Notes (81 pages)


Techniques of Paying Attention
In order to benefit from a talk as the listener, you should take note of the following key tips:
1. keep an open mind. Listen without judging the speaker or mentally criticizing their message they
pass. You just have to hold your criticism and withhold judgment.
2. Familiarize yourself with the topic under discussion. Audience tend to listen more if they have
idea of the topic being discussed. How then can one familiarize himself/ herself with the
subject? They can do this by:
(a) Reading from the books.
(b) Reading from the internet.
(c) Asking for ideas from those who know.
3. Use the speaker responses to encourage the speaker to continue speaking. You will also get the
information you need if you do so. Some of the speaker responses we use include:
(a) Slightly nodding the head, but occasionally.
(b) Smile occasionally.
(c) Using small verbal comments like yes, uh huh, mmmh, I see, etc.
(d) Reflecting back e.g. you said …
4. Take notes on the important points. This can in itself be a distractor. You should therefore know
when to and when not to take notes.

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