Cookie Business in Kenya Guide

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This overview looks at the possibilities, opportunities and pitfalls of starting a
specialist only cookies shop in Nairobi targeting the mid income level mass
market. It could also apply to other major center. What becomes clears is that
there is a good opportunity to start a well branded cookies only bakery shops in
the estates or high traffic areas. There is still room to innovate in terms of
distribution, packaging, flavors and branding so as to reach a bigger market


These business guides contain important information for running a successful business in Kenya such as:

  1. Overview
  2. Licences and government matters relating to your business.
  3. Equipment needed
  4. Capital
  5. Locations Premises (if applicable)
  6. Revenue ( Costs & Revenue ,Revenue Example,  Break Even Point etc)
  7. Competition ( Factors Influencing Competition, Opportunities, Survival & Critical Success Factors)
  8. Market Entry
  9. So Is It a Feasible business?

These topics are discussed in an easy way to understand get you ready to start your business as soon as possible.


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