KCSE Secondary Functional Writing Notes


KCSE Secondary Functional Writing Notes

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KCSE Secondary Functional Writing Notes



Are transmitted using a fax machine, telephone/modem
A fax number or telephone number is important not the address.
Fax messages can be typed or handwritten and unlike e-mails, they can bear the signature
of the sender. Faxes going through a modem may not bear signatures.
Label pages of the fax message for ease of handling
When the message goes through, the sender is informed and she/he can try again.

KCSE Secondary Functional Writing Notes

They include;
Letters written by you to an official body e.g You may want to write a letter to a daily
newspaper about certain issues you feel strongly about or to the local council 
complaining about garbage collection in your area.

Letters from an official to another. The principal of the neighbouring school may write a
letter to another principal.
Letters from an official to you. E.g You may be the chairperson of your youth club in
your area and an official writes to you requesting you to perform a certain duty.


Sender’s address – Write it at the right hand corner of the page. The name of the city or town
should be written in capital letters.
date should be written below the sender‟s address e.g 17th January 2012
Reference number. It may indicate the department e.g. ENG –English Department or file
The title and address of the receiver – This address should be complete and have all the details
that would be on the mailing address.





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