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Adventures in The Mara – The Mark of The Lion

Rated 5.00 out of 5
150 KShs

I’m Not A Black Widow But I Spin Webs – Special Edition

550 KShs 250 KShs

Present day Kenya, a terrorist only identified as the Black Widow is bringing down the country’s economy by launching cyber attacks on its financial institutions but there are two sides to the story and the covert Saka Squad want to bury the truth.

Special Edition

Kisiwa cha Minawe

600 KShs

“Mama zetu hutuambia, yaone yakienda, usiyaone yakija!” Kisiwa cha Minawe kimewaka moto. Dhuluma, unyanyasaji na ukatili umekithiri, navyo vilio vya walalahoi ni kelele tupu kwa masikio ya viongozi. Mikakati ya kutetea haki imewaathiri waliokuwamo na wasiokuwamo. Ogada anajitosa mzima mzima katika mikakati hii ya kukikomboa Kisiwa cha Minawe kutokana na ukatili huu ila Sada anamponyoka asiweze kumuokoa.


Lunchtime Stories

Collection of flash fiction to get you through your lunch break. These are four short stories which were written for different prompts

The Swamp is Full of Mystery

The swamps of Louisiana and Le Marais in particular hold many secrets; or is it Mama Ruth who owns the secrets and the swamp just holds them for her? Its alive though, with the past and the present and the future all colliding in one place; almost in one person. Mya Devereux. She’s in the eye of the storm, the centre of this cosmic dart board…and she has no clue. She’s just worried about passing Chemistry. Leo’s not worried about anything. He has it all figured out. Phil and Lillian can only watch and comment. Too bad they’re ghosts so popcorn is out.