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Baby Class Work, Exams, Lessons, Homework and More in Kenya

Download baby class work, baby class pdf exams, lessons and more. SomaSasa school content library has a lot of content for learners in Kenya. Our content is designed in a way that every aspect of your baby’s development is covered — from social interaction to physical activity to cognitive learning. We help parents and teachers to support the child’s first years of school life.

You can build strength through play. For example, songs, props, and teacher-led activities provide babies with an engaging class experience, while giving parents fun tips and tools they can use at home. Form friendships with other parents and watch how new babies experience their first social play time.

The SomaSasa library has sections for Pre primary one or PP1 and pre primary two or PP2

Baby Class on PetSasa

This kindergarten work is divided into several parts.

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  • Exams