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PP2 Exams in PDF for the CBC Pre Primary 2 Level in Kenya

The PP2 exams are set to assess the learners progress. You will find that these pre primary 2 exam papers are expertly prepared. We have made sure that these examinations are in PDF format so that you can download them, print or read online. Teachers and schools trust Somasasa library to provide them will term 1, term 2 and term 3 examination sets for pp2 classes.

The exams for pp2 have several earning areas. These are in line with the Kenyan education guidance given by the institute of curriculum development.

Some of the Learning Areas Covered in the CBC Exam for PP2

  • Environmental activities
  • Kiswahili activities
  • Language activities
  • Literacy activities
  • Mathematics activities
  • English activities
  • Psycho-motor and creative activities

These PP2 activities are included in the assessments