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Grade 1 Exams and Past Papers

The Primary section on Somasasa includes grades such as Grade 1 which then Grade 1 Exams, Grade 1 schemes of work, grade one lesson plans, grade 1 past papers, grade 1 assignment, grade 1 content Kenya on Somasasa contains the Grade 1 Exams and Past Papers. You can download these exams above or print them. These pdf pp1 exams are meant to help pupils in Kenya.

Grade 1 past papers are a great way to revise and prepare for forthcoming assessments. The CBC exams for grade 1 come in different settings to reflect the evolving Kenyan curriculum. There are study areas that encompass the outlined learning activities by KICD.

Below, we have highlighted some of the learning areas assessed in Grade 1 examinations and past papers taken in Kenya.

  • Environmental activities
  • Hygiene and nutrition
  • Shughuli za Kiswahili
  • Language activities
  • Literacy (Reading / Kusoma)
  • Mathematical activities
  • Integrated learning areas which may include learning areas not mentioned in this list.


These exams are expertly laid out to appeal to pupils and easy to mark for both teachers and parent. The lower primary learners will find these CBC examinations for the first grade 1 to be engaging and fun to do.

Get the best CBC exams for Grade here on Somasasa and read online or download them easily.