Top Kenyan Magazines

The Kenyan magazine scene has seen many changes over the years. Many Kenyan magazines have come and gone, with publishers opting to close them down due to lack of market or just plain shift of focus. Luckily, there are still several magazines that you can buy and read  in Kenya.

It is hard to keep track of which Kenyan magazines are still in circulation because new ones come and go every month. The good thing is that Kenya seems to never lack people with exciting new ideas and the guts to go ahead and come up with a new publication. Over the years, we have seen virtually every field of interest in Kenya get it’s dedicated mag (never mind how long they stayed on the shelves). We have had sports, property, wedding, farming, motoring, golfing, love, wildlife, business, construction, cookery and of course gossip magazines among others grace our newsstands in Kenya

A new and exciting strategy for magazines that were lucky enough to have a management with foresight is to go digital. With tonnes of people going online everyday, it is only basic logic that a publisher would consider putting their work online. This has been embraced by several magazines (including True Love) that now offer their monthly or bi-monthly issues as a digital copy that you can dowload and read on your smartphone or computer. Apparently, newspapers have been more bold in going digital.

Here is a list of Kenyan Magazines:

  • Healthy Woman Magazine which is published by Wairimu Githuka
    Home & Living Kenyan Magazine - Somasasa Kenya
    Copyright : Carol Mandi Media
  • Homes Kenya Magazines which is Published by beyond media
  • Home  & Living which is published by Carol Mandi Media
  • Parents Magazines which is published is Stellan consult ltd
  • Business Post Magazine which is published is Guchu Ndung’u
  • Tupike Magazine which is published is Lavender Hues Limited
  • Africa Medical Review
  • True Love
  • African women magazine which is published Sylvia Owori
  • Drum
  • Small Medium Enterprises Today which is publishe Liason Media


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