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CS Pilot Papers – Sep 2015

1,500 KShs 980 KShs

This Set contains all the Kasneb CS Pilot Papers. Note that one paper, Business Communication, is missing. Therefore, you will be able to download 17 files.


CIFA Pilot Papers 2015 (Sep)

1,500 KShs 980 KShs

This set contains 17 Kasneb CIFA Pilot Papers 2015. Please note that only the Quantitative Analysis paper is not included.

You can download CIFA notes in the Kasneb Section here in addition to revision kits.


CPA Pilot Papers 2015

1,500 KShs 980 KShs

This package contains CPA Pilot Papers

Psychomotor and creative activities for learners with hearing impairment

150 KShs

Psychomotor and creative activities for learners with hearing impairment

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499 KShs

Download the Complete KNEC 2013 KCSE Examination Question Papers & Marking Schemes


I’m Not A Black Widow But I Spin Webs – Special Edition

550 KShs 250 KShs

Present day Kenya, a terrorist only identified as the Black Widow is bringing down the country’s economy by launching cyber attacks on its financial institutions but there are two sides to the story and the covert Saka Squad want to bury the truth.

Special Edition

Kisiwa cha Minawe

600 KShs

“Mama zetu hutuambia, yaone yakienda, usiyaone yakija!” Kisiwa cha Minawe kimewaka moto. Dhuluma, unyanyasaji na ukatili umekithiri, navyo vilio vya walalahoi ni kelele tupu kwa masikio ya viongozi. Mikakati ya kutetea haki imewaathiri waliokuwamo na wasiokuwamo. Ogada anajitosa mzima mzima katika mikakati hii ya kukikomboa Kisiwa cha Minawe kutokana na ukatili huu ila Sada anamponyoka asiweze kumuokoa.


Lunchtime Stories

Collection of flash fiction to get you through your lunch break. These are four short stories which were written for different prompts


Guide to Blossoms of the Savannah

Rated 5.00 out of 5
250 KShs 199 KShs

This study guide provides a detailed analysis of the novel Blossoms of the Savannah. The analysis is aimed at preparing KCSE candidates for both the excerpt and the compulsory essay question in paper two and three respectively. This guide is written in a manner that both the candidates and teachers will immensely benefit from it.


Gas (LPG )Business in Kenya Guide

250 KShs 99 KShs


100 KShs 99 KShs

The dreamer is a lifestyle magazine that focuses on promoting Kenyan content.


Secrets to goal achievement

250 KShs 100 KShs

This book will show you how to go for what you want. To show you how to chase your dreams. How to accomplish every single of one of your goals. You will find all the secrets you have been searching for to realize your dreams. You will learn where you have been going wrong and giving up before you accomplish your goals.