Pupils revising with kcpe past papers

Every pupil should be given an equal opportunity to accessing revision materials in preparation for the KCPE national exam. Luckily, here at Somasasa you can Download 2017 KCSE Past papers easily, besides primary school revision notes.

The 2017 KCPE past papers include Mathematics, English, Composition, Kiswahili, Insha, Science, Social Studies, IRE and CRE. You can Download 2017 KCSE Past papers now and start reding on your phone or laptop computer.

Remember that good marks come as a result of hard work and proper revision. The Primary School section of this library contains a lot of resources to help pupils revise and study with confidence.

Mathematics KCPE 2017 Past Paper

ENGLISH KCPE 2017 Past Paper

Kiswahili KCPE 2017 Past Paper

Science KCPE 2017 Past Paper

Social Studies KCPE 2017 Past Paper

Religious Education (C.RE and I.R.E) KCPE 2017 Past Paper

Composition KCPE 2017 Past Paper



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